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Are white kitchens the only way to go?

Painted cabinetry (pigmented laquer in our business) is the major finish we have been using the last several years. We rarely see something these days that isn’t white or gray. As with all things in life colors are trendy. Is white a trend? White I think is a very hot design color and it is timeless. It has been used in homes for years and remains the bread and butter for the streamlined clean kitchen look. I think we will see it stay in the top of kitchen design forever.

Color and wood species are trends. 3-4 years ago, dark stained maple cabinets were all the rage. Homeowners couldn’t get it dark enough, chocolate, mocha, ebony are just a few of the dark themed stains that ran the gauntlet in our shop.

Ending 2016 and entering a new year I wanted to look at some of the changes we saw sweeping in. The mighty oak is making its return!! In the 1990’s oak cabinetry was in every home. Honey glazed color with arched raised panel doors and crazy grain. Since the hay day of new home construction, the oak cabinets were shut down and no one wanted the old mighty oak anymore. Until now! It is making a comeback, but it is streamlined and shaded chic.

Terms like rift cut and quarter sawn are in the language of homeowners and designers alike. What exactly does this mean? The plain sawn, quarter sawn and rift cuts are terms used when the logs are milled at a lumber mill. It is the way the log is orientated when cut.  Going back to the 1990’s oak days most of those cabinets were plain sawn. Cathedral peaked, meandering grain with lots of fleck. The least expensive way to mill oak. Quarter sawn is straight grained still with fleck in it. Rift cut is straight tight grain with no fleck in it. Rift and quarter sawn being the most labor intense at the mill and holds the highest price tag.

The rift and quarter sawn oak is where we have seen the mighty oak come back. It lends itself well with the rustic barn look yet can add sure brilliance in the most modern of kitchens. It gives the home cabinetry that says I will stand the test of time with its rich straight lines. Its beauty is unmatched and I love the hard durability of it.

We saw oak plain cut come back a bit with dark stains and rich glazes. Paired often….you guessed it white painted cabinetry. Two classics coming together to create a new and chic spaces!! White not gone but the mighty oak making its return with its new dress code!

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