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74497___gustavorezende___Kids_6_0374497___gustavorezende___Kids_6_03 Ahhh summer is knocking on the door! My thoughts have turned to warmer weather and summer fun.  I enjoy spending more time with our kids especially in the kitchen. So, why then would I ever suggest a summer remodel? Why would you want to create such havoc in your mainstay place? Well, there are several reasons! Summer is the time of year when my inside kitchen duties are relieved a bit by more outdoor cooking. The grill is fired up, the campfire roars and the kids are helping DAD cook in the great outdoors. Downtime in the kitchen is easier with cooking sources other than your cooktop and stove. My clients have told me that having no sink for several weeks is cumbersome. Summer makes this easier as well. Outdoor faucets used to wash minimal dishes makes it “fun” for the kids. Outdoor eating is easier, even if you set up the picnic table inside a screened in tent or gazebo. Kids will love helping create this new and fun eating atmosphere. And the parties! The fabulous summer picnics! Those will help you not have to create every weekend meal, thus less time in the kitchen.  Homework duties are non-existent in summer. The after school snack and sitting at the kitchen table for homework gone for the summer months. Summer vacation plans can be made for the prime time when the contractors are working on some of the more intense tasks alleviating your stress from the noise and the mess! Think Extreme home makeover!  Having a kitchen remodel is so worth it in the long run and the summer can help make the down time easier. Let us know how we can make your summer = remodel=new kitchen! Call today!