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flAGThe most common of questions asked by our clients is how much will my renovation cost? The answer should be easy right? There are so many variables in remodeling it can often be overwhelming. Taking the time to plan, budget, hire the right contractor and purchase quality products will be worth the time in the long run.Rushing a project just so the mess is over can be a pit fall for the homeowner and often comes with regret if things go awry. The article I found talks about a survey about budget and time. It is a great read giving you some insight on your next remodel! A qualified professional is worth talking to before you start a job.Here at Detail Woodworks we build your custom cabinets with a great deal of pride and craftsmanship, giving you the best products for your home.We don’t hide our costs or our timeline from you. The survey below will give you some great insight! Happy Memorial Day from our family to yours. God bless those who have lost their lives for our freedom