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Welcome to Detail Woodworks blog! I am excited and a bit nervous at the prospect of this blog. Thoughts of this blog have been swimming in my head for awhile now. What should I write, how will it be entertaining , will any one read it, will they laugh at my words?

My teenagers friend chuckled at the prospect of me writing a blog. I asked, “why are you laughing?”. He explained he wasn’t laughing at me he was merely amused at the idea, and he thought it might be interesting. Interesting? What does this mean? Am I doomed before launch?

With these thoughts in mind, I began to really question whether or not I could engage people in my blog and how to do that. I decided that I would go into it with inspirational words in my head. These words have come to light many times for Guy and myself as we journey on this business ownership path. It comes from a funny movie.. Grumpy Old Men. “The only thing in this life that you regret are the risks you didn’t take.”

With that mindset I will begin our blogging adventure. I will take in stride the naysayers and thrive on the positives. I will do my best to engage those that kindly come to our blog. I will give the readers insight about the world of cabinet making along with trending kitchen, bath, and home remodel ideas! I will keep it fun, interesting, and current. I will have other writers blog to keep it fresh. Now that I have written my own blogger oath, I will begin with this link from . The article talks of the kitchen trends that are big this year. By the way, I love If you are not familiar with them go their site it has endless design ideas (so cool!)

We have seen many of the trends in our clients kitchens. Furniture style islands and cabinet pieces, use of black and white cabinets, adding grey to anything, open shelving, and adding v-groove wood paneling (wainscoting, beadboard). Shaker style cabinetry has been a “trend” for many years and indeed has a clean simplicity about it.
Have fun, enjoy, and thank you for checking out Detail Woodworks blog!!
– Shannon